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Idol Hairclips?

haha.. I just bought a new orange blouse few days ago. It looks like a mini dress, with a cute collar.
Last night, suddenly I have an idea to make something match with the blouse. I decided to make a hairclip. I didn't make a design before, it spontaneously. I choose 2 sheets of flanel, orange and black, like my new blouse colour.. ^__^
I cut, cut, cut, and cut the flanel. I think it shaped like a flower? a big flower exactly. I made a big hairclip, big flower hairclip, like an idol group in Japan! But it's too simple if we compared it with the real idol hairclip. hehehee.. :3 It just made from flanels and coloured yarns. Don't you believe me? The hairclip make me fell like an idol! XD
Maybe I will join Morning Musume someday.. ahahaha.. :D
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